In January 2017 whilst we were away on our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, the Costa Blanca had its first snowfall in over 20 years. This is a photo of our villa taken by a neighbour. The snow even covered the beaches in Javea and Denia.



Electrical storm August 2009In August 2009, we experienced a spectacular electrical storm in the Orba valley which lasted for almost 30 minutes with continuous lightning between the clouds and thunder rolling around the mountains. Vernon posted two photos of the storm on the Iberianature website.

Click here to watch a short video of  the storm.

The great rainsWe had been in Spain for less than a month in October 2007 when we experienced 3 days of continuous torrential rain in the worst ‘gota fria’ (‘cold drop’ which occurs every October) for 25 years. When the rain finally stopped on 12th October, the trickle of water that normally flowed through Jalon had become a raging torrent and washed away the road from our urbanisation into the town!

The great rainsWatch this incredible video taken from the only bridge across the river into town and note the car floating down the river! It was 24 hours before we could get to the bridge in order to reach the supermarket to replenish our food stocks in the holiday villa we were renting. Despite this experience, we still decided to live in Spain!

Fire in the valley at night August 2009 Fire in the valley August 2009 Fire in the valley August 2009

During the long, hot summer fires are a major hazard and during 2009, we had several in the valley. The usual method of fighting them is from the air with helicopters and sometimes planes.

Sunset Sunset from the terrace Sunsets are wonderful here too, as are the sunrises – click here to read about an early morning trip to the top of a nearby mountain!